Kirsty Mundell

How/when did you start running, in particular hill/trail running?Kirsty Mundell
I started running almost 2 years ago when my horse developed arthritis, I was lost without her and the hacking we had done. Trail running began from the very start, the sense of achievement of running up a decent hill without stopping – need I say more!!

Why do you run?
It’s too darned addictive to stop.

What is your favourite running route?
Hill run to Inverchaolain but recently east Loch Eck where I grew up!

What have been your favourite races?
My first the BUPA 5k in Edinburgh, what an atmosphere, I was so frightened!

What is your greatest running achievement?
Ha ha that has got to be the Carnethy 5, though my first half marathon was under 2 hours I’m proud of that one too.

What are your goals/ambitions?
A marathon this year Glencoe or French Riviera.

Who is your running hero?
Not a runner but David Weir the paralympian and Ali McCrossan, she is just unbelievable in her dedication and madness!! I created a monster.

What is your most essential piece of kit?
Skins compression tights.

Do you have other interests/pastimes?
The horses obviously I would like to get back to competing, and Facebook – catching up on all the Hill Runners antics lol!

Favourite inspirational running quote or piece of advice.
Hubby’s remark every time I leave ‘Don’t fall’ and love this picture it’s just me – a bit dozy!!


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  1. Can’t wait to see your next profile (updated with a DHR vest) 🙂
    Kirsty all I’m going to see now is Dory when I see you out running 😉

  2. Brilliant article!

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