Jamie Laing

Ian, Morven, David and Jamie on Beinn Ime

Ian, Morven, David and Jamie on Beinn Ime (click to enlarge)

How/when did you start running, in particular hill/trail running?

I have always done a little bit of running since I was a kid. This was mostly to do with football training. I then ran with my dogs but again, nothing serious. My baptism of hill running fire was in December 2013 when it was suggested I would enjoy joining Ian, David and Morven on a nice easy run up Beinn Ime. When we reached about three quarters of the way up we hit the snow line and met walkers coming down with ice axes and crampons. I had a knackered pair of inov-8s on. I fell repeatedly on the way down. I have never looked back since.

Why do you run?

If I didn’t, I would end up on “Britain’s Biggest Loser” with my kids feeding me snack boxes at regular intervals through the day. Also because Lorraine just tidies the house all day Sunday and the longer the run I do, the fewer tasks I get.

What is your favourite running route?

I really enjoy the Loch Eck loop or different sections of it but my favourite is the 6 mile loop at Glenbranter. It’s always quiet and has the best part of 3 miles down hill on the back half.

What have been your favourite races?

I have only ever had 2 good races where I got close to where I wanted to be but these were both road races. I have loved every ultra-marathon I have done but the Kintyre Way Ultra is my favourite because it was just a laugh all day and it was the furthest I have run (run/walked).

What is your greatest running achievement?

I don’t really have one. I am proud that my girls are keen on running. Romily has just started and Emmerson has been running since she was 10. If they both enjoy it and keep at it, that will be my greatest running achievement.

What are your goals/ambitions?

Some of them are a bit adventurous at the moment but the main goals for this year are to complete the Cateran 55 Trail Ultramarathon, the Fort William Marathon, and the 55K Ultimate Trails Challenge. And hopefully to stay injury free.

Jamie and Morven

Jamie and Morven (click to enlarge)

Who is your running hero?

Jean Bryson and Morven Walsh are an inspiration to me. To see them running so well into their 60s really gives us all hope. Apart from them, Timothy Olson is an American ultra-runner whom I have heard interviewed on podcasts and he just seems like a great guy who loves running and never takes anything for granted, and is a reminder that we are fortunate enough to be capable of running and should enjoy it when we can.

What is your most essential piece of kit?


Do you have other interests/pastimes?

My girls and I have been training in Karate for a few years. I am passionate about wine and wished I had more time to spend enjoying it in its many forms.

What is your favourite inspirational running quote or piece of advice?

I hear a few repetitive quotes that are rarely inspirational and normally mean I need to start running again – “a wee tootle” or “it’s not far now” etc. My favorite quote isn’t really running related but it works:

“Whether you think you can, or whether you think you can’t, you are right”.  Henry Ford

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