Roger Stewart

Roger StewartRoger will be running the Edinburgh Marathon on 25 May 2014 in order to raise funds for the Dunoon Multiple Sclerosis Society who are benefiting local people living with MS. His JustGiving page is here if you would like to donate.

How/when did you start running, in particular hill/trail running?

I was a keen runner at Sandbank Primary School. I took running up again 7 years ago and was running mostly on the road. I started running on trails 8 months ago, with the Dunoon Hill Runners and I enjoy different challenges with this group.

Why do you run?

I run because I enjoy it  – getting outdoors and it’s a good way to switch off. I run to keep fit and healthy … also to confuse my family as running is mostly alien to them!

What is your favourite running route?

The “Loch Eck Loop” has become my favourite. I’ve only done it 3 times, but it’s a great challenge and the views are the best.

What have been your favourite races?

The Great Scottish Run Half Marathon, which I’ve done 3 times, and the Glasgow Santa Dash (done 5 times). Both have a great atmosphere as the Glasgow people are so friendly.

What is your greatest running achievement?

Winning the Willie Jukes Memorial Trophy (first local at Cowal Highland Gathering 5K) in 2012, and first local at the 2013 Cowal Highland Gathering 5K (Camel’s Hump) in 2013. Also, first local at Cowalfest’s 2013 Benmore 10K. The last 2 races were my very first hill races.

What are your goals/ambitions?

To complete my first marathon – Edinburgh in 2014, and one day the London Marathon. I’m also competing in Tough Mudder as part of Team Dunoon in June 2014 and I aim to survive to tell the tale!

Who is your running hero?

Mo Farah is a runner to aspire to, but anyone who gets out there and runs any distance and pace is a hero – including my wife, who has the drive and determination to run despite having MS.

What is your most essential piece of kit?

My new club vest 🙂 And a good pair of running shoes.

Favourite inspirational running quote or piece of advice.

I’m a fun runner  – my advice is not to take things too seriously. We’re only here once, so enjoy!

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