Dunoon Hill Runners Annual General Meeting 2023/4 and 10th Birthday Celebration

The Dunoon Hill Runners 2023/4 Annual General Meeting will be held on 18 March 2023 at 7 pm at Kirn Bowling Club.

This will also be the 10th birthday celebration for the club, so there will be the usual prizegiving, followed by dancing, drinks and refreshments.

Members are invited to dress in our club colours of red, black or gold

New Beginners Group – April 2022

A “new start” running/stay running programme is being offered by Dunoon Hill Runners Club members Jean and Max. Would you like to start running and steadily build your fitness whereby at the end of 6 weeks you’ll be able to comfortably run with Dunoon Hill Runners on club nights?

Who it’s also for: Anyone who has lost their running mojo. Anyone who is returning from injury. Anyone who is struggling to maintain a consistent running practice. Anyone who has dropped away from club nights and can’t seem to work their way back.

Come along to learn (or re-learn) the basics: from warm ups to warm downs and everything in between! We’ll be progressively loading and building your muscular system and your cardiovascular system. All this will guide you towards being able to run comfortably, consistently and confidently.

Come and and join us!

This programme starts on Tuesday 5th April and will be completed over 6 weeks. Please message if you require any further details.

Dunoon Hill Runners Membership 2022/23, and AGM

The 2022/23 DHR membership form can be found below, including details on submission and subscription fees.

DHR Membership Application Form 2022/23 [PDF]

It is hoped that we will hold our first race of the season on Saturday 26 February 2022.

The DHR Annual General Meeting will be held on Saturday 26 February 2022 with the annual prizegiving to follow. Please contact the Club Secretary if you wish to attend.

Dunoon Hill Runners Membership 2020/21, and AGM

It’s that time of year again when those who wish to join, or continue their membership with, DHR must complete an updated membership form (below) and pay the subscription fees.

Fees remain at £20 (£35 for a family membership) for the year, and still include a free gift (tbc). Details of how to pay can be found on the form itself.

DHR Membership Application form 2020/21 [PDF]

The DHR Annual General Meeting will be held on Saturday 22 February 2020 at 7 pm at Kirn Bowling Club, Kirn, Dunoon, with annual prizegiving to follow. Please contact the Club Secretary if you wish to attend.

Beginners Training Sessions – commencing 3 September 2019

Dunoon Hill Runners will be starting a new beginners running group from Tuesday 3 September 2019. Each session will last up to one hour and will take place each Tuesday at 6.30 pm for 8 weeks. There will be a maximum of 20 places and no waiting list.

Attendees will require a head torch and appropriate footwear (trainers designed for trail running). Head torches of around 120 lumens and greater are suitable.

The cost is £10 to join the group which will cover the 8 weeks of training, and a temporary membership form must be completed before attending. This can be downloaded here [PDF].

If interested, please let us know and complete your form no later than 31 August 2019. Forms can be handed in to Lisa Marshall at HELP, John St, Dunoon, or emailed to Puttyrush@yahoo.co.uk

Once 20 forms have been received the group will become closed.

All data is confidential and is not shared with any other third party.

Summer Series 2018 Prizewinners

Vertical KM –Female – Fiona Ramsey
Vertical KM – Male – Grant Mackellar
sponsored by Ian Marshall

Kilbride Race – Female – Fiona Ramsey
Kilbride Race – Male – Ricky Reid
sponsored by Catriona MacIntyre

Downhill Race – Female – Monika Boyd
Downhill Race – Male – Grant Mackellar

Bishop’s Seat Race – Female – Emma Stewart
Bishop’s Seat Race – Male – Grant Mackellar
sponsored by Cowal Physiotherapy

10k Glenkin Loop – Female – Emma Stewart
10k Glenkin Loop – Male – Grant Mackellar
sponsored by Cowal Massage and Yoga therapy

Handicap Male – Phil Kidman
Handicap Female – Sara Martin
Handicap Overall Male (Quickest Time) – Roger Stewart
Handicap Winner Female (Quickest Time) – Emma Stewart
Sponsored by Industrial-Rentals (Michelle & John Cameron)

Summer League Female Vet – Monika Boyd
Summer League Male Vet – Roger Stewart
Summer League Series Male Senior – Grant Mackellar
Summer League Female Senior – Emma Stewart

Most Improved Female – Catriona MacIntyre
Most Improved Male – George Fagan

Most Inspirational Dunoon Hill Runner as Selected by Club President – Emma Stewart

Dunoon Hill Runners Membership 2019/20

Please contact the Club Secretary for a membership form.

All new and renewal memberships MUST have a completed membership form to join/re-join.  All household memberships should complete a separate form for each person joining within the household. Any renewals whose medical or emergency details have NOT changed since 2018/19 only require to complete the data protection section and sign off the no changes section.

For the fourth year running, there is no increase in the membership cost. Payment is preferred in cash or cheque. Cheques should be made payable to “Dunoon Hill Runners”. Bank transfer is also possible and details are on the form.

All payments should be made on or before 23 February 2019 (AGM). Any payments not made by the end of February will have a reminder provided. If within 2 weeks of end February no payment is received, a non-renewal will be assumed and persons will be removed from the closed Facebook page and membership.