Dunoon Hill Runners Membership 2019/20

Please contact the Club Secretary for a membership form.

All new and renewal memberships MUST have a completed membership form to join/re-join.  All household memberships should complete a separate form for each person joining within the household. Any renewals whose medical or emergency details have NOT changed since 2018/19 only require to complete the data protection section and sign off the no changes section.

For the fourth year running, there is no increase in the membership cost. Payment is preferred in cash or cheque. Cheques should be made payable to “Dunoon Hill Runners”. Bank transfer is also possible and details are on the form.

All payments should be made on or before 23 February 2019 (AGM). Any payments not made by the end of February will have a reminder provided. If within 2 weeks of end February no payment is received, a non-renewal will be assumed and persons will be removed from the closed Facebook page and membership.

Beginners’ Training Sessions Starting November 2018

Dunoon Hill Runners will be starting a new beginners training group from 6 November, for 8 weeks. Sessions will take place each Tuesday evening from 6.30 pm to 7.30 pm. There will be a maximum of 20 places and no waiting list.

Each runner will require trail running shoes and a head torch (120 lumens and up are suitable).

The cost will be £10 for the 8 week training period and a temporary membership form must be completed before attending. All data is confidential and will not be shared with any other party.

If interested, please contact the club here, and submit your form no later than 23 October 2018. Forms can be handed in to Lisa Marshall at HELP, John St, Dunoon. Once 20 forms have been received, the group will become closed.

Beginners/Returners Group Starting – 14 November 2017

Dunoon Hill Runners will commence training sessions for beginners and those returning after an absence from running on Tuesday 14 November 2017. These training sessions will take place over a 10 week period (not including Christmas/New Year) and participants will be asked to complete a Temporary Membership form on the first evening. A fee of £10 will be charged to cover the 10 week period.

A base level of fitness is recommended.

Runners must be 12 years of age or over.

For anyone between the ages of 12 and 16 years, please note:

  • a disclaimer form must be completed
  • they must run with an accompanying adult at all times
  • the maximum distance permissible for this age group is 2 miles

Attendees will be asked to register at 5.45 pm and runs will start at 6 pm. Please keep an eye on the club calendar for locations.

Trail running shoes are advisable, and a head torch will be needed.

Anyone who is interested in coming along, please let Morven Walsh know.


2017 AGM and Prizegiving – 18 February 2017

The Dunoon Hill Runners AGM and Prizegiving will be held on Saturday 18 February 2017 at Kirn and Hunters Quay Bowling Club, starting at 7.30 pm. Please forward any agenda items to the Club Secretary – secretary@dunoonhillrunners.org.uk.  Renewal and new memberships will take place at this time.

Following the AGM, a presentation of trophies and awards will be given, followed by a party (at approx 8.30 pm).

Annual General Meeting and Prizegiving – 27 February 2016

The Dunoon Hill Runners AGM and Prizegiving will be held on Saturday 27 February 2016 at Kirn and Hunters Quay Bowling Club, starting at 7 pm. Please forward any agenda items to the Club Secretary – secretary@dunoonhillrunners.org.uk.

Following the AGM, a presentation of trophies and awards will be given. Renewal and new memberships will take place between 7 and 7.30pm.

Dunoon Hill Runners Membership

Dunoon Hill Runners has always aimed to be community focused, accessible and inclusive. Originally set up as an ‘interest ‘ group for those who enjoy running and other outdoor sporting activities, such was the overwhelming interest and participation, the group quickly established itself as a club.

Following what can only be described as an incredibly successful year, Dunoon Hill Runners will formally cement itself as a recognised hill running club in Scotland. Whilst it will remain flexible and accessible to the community, to continue the development of the club and runners, we will be commencing a yearly membership scheme. This will provide benefits such as affiliation to the club, insurance cover, discounted training and club race fees, membership, technical t-shirt etc.

The club will initially have two schemes, ie individual and household. A junior scheme will be proposed later on in the year. Membership will be a calendar year starting from the last day of February, however, runners can join at any time of the year (more details will be given on request). Non members can still take part in training sessions yet we would encourage all who have been involved to join as it will help support the growth of a club which in its first year has expanded beyond the founder’s expectation.

The success of the club will also provide wider benefits for the whole of the community and this has been realised already from mentions in national press and media, as well as attracting companies to host races and for sponsorship.

An individual membership is £20 per calendar year and a household membership costs £35.

The membership application form can be found below, and includes details on submission and payment.