Charity Quiz and Curry Night – 14 November 2015

Dunoon Hill Runners is holding a Quiz and Curry Night at The Braes, 1 School Brae, Dunoon on Saturday 14 November 2015 at 7 pm.  Members and non-members are cordially invited to form a team or find a table. Ticket costs £8 per person. Half the ticket proceeds will be allocated to local charities, and the other half buys your curry. There will be lots of opportunities to win some of the excellent prizes lined up for the event!

If interested, please contact a Committee member.

Sponsorship Opportunities

We are actively looking for new sponsors as we start to think about season 2016. Without sponsors we would not be able to keep membership fees low or subsidise costs for members which we really want to do. Sponsorship money has this year helped:

a. Reduce costs of new vests for members
b. Provide trophies and medals
c. Pay for race entry for members competing in prestigious events 
d. Subsidise the purchase of branded race flags

We currently offer 3 sponsorship packages outlined below. If you, your organisation or any of your contacts are interested please contact a member of the committee who would be delighted to discuss options.

Option 1 – Member Discount Scheme (No cost)

A number of local businesses currently offer discounts to our members. Details of your business will be posted on our website and in the annual newsletter which goes to all club members. This encourages members to support these local businesses. Typical discount is 10%

Option 2 – Sponsor a Trophy for a Year (£60)

Last year we were able to buy two trophies and prizes for the first prize giving. If you sponsor a trophy your name will be attached to that award at Prize Giving that year and you will be mentioned in local press and on the club website

Option 3 – Club Sponsorship (£100 for a year)

These sponsors would have a club run race named after them that year. E.g. the Mundell Volcano Run. They would feature in local press and on the club website. We currently organise 4 club races. Kilbride, Spooky Salomon, Club Handicap and Volcano Run

Option 4 – Kit Sponsorship (price on enquiry)

Sponsors can have their logo featured on club kit – e.g. Hoodies, Training Tops, Shorts etc.

Once again many thanks to our current sponsors for this year. Details are here.

Ben Nevis, Kyles 10 Miles, Glencoe Skyline, Cowal Highland Gathering Races

David, Ricky and Ian

David, Ricky and Ian

Ben Nevis 2015 RaceIt’s hard to keep up with all the races in which the Dunoon Hill Runners club has been represented! Most recently, on 4 September 2015, 3 members took on one of the oldest and most prestigious hill races in the UK calendar – the Ben Nevis Race. This race requires pre-qualification and there are strict cut-off times for the half-way point, the summit and completion of the route. David Walsh, Ricky Reid and Ian Marshall all succeeded in completing in highly respectable times, despite the warm temperatures, and can be very proud of their achievement. Results can be found here.

Kyles 10 Miles 2015

Kyles 10 Miles 2015

On the same day, 12 Dunoon Hill Runners took part in the beautiful Kyles 10 Miles Race, up from 3 participants last year. This is a truly scenic route and it’s safe to say that everyone thoroughly enjoyed running in the sunshine and success was achieved all round. Results can be found here.

The weekend prior saw DHR competitors successfully completing both Cowal Highland Gathering races – the 5K road race on the Thursday and the Camel’s Hump hill race on the Saturday. Hill race results can be found here.

Last but not least, David Walsh and Ian Marshall also competed in the Ochil 2000s Hill Race on 22 August. Results here, whilst Iain and Ronnie Cairns ran the Bute 10K (Ronnie’s blog post here).

A special mention must go to Anne Lloyd Evans who came in as 7th female in the inaugural Glencoe Skyline Race. This races is described as “fusing mountain running and alpinism in a pure test of speed, endurance and skill on an uncompromising, world-class course”. It is not for the faint-hearted, taking in many of the Glencoe peaks and ridges, including the renowned Curved Ridge and Aonach Eagach. Well done, Anne! (Results here).

The season is not yet over, of course, with more races lined up such as the Great Scottish Run, the Glencoe Marathon and Mamores Half Marathon and the Glen Ogle Ultra, among others!

Volcano Run 2015 – Race Report

volcanorun_2015Dunoon Hill Runners held its 2nd Annual Volcano Run hosted and sponsored by J Mundell and Sons, Toward Farm. Thanks also to Run 4 it and The Osborne Hotel for their sponsorship and provision of prizes. It is through this support that the club was able to put on another highly successful race.

Approximately 5 miles long, beginning from Toward Farm, the race took the runners up on to an extinct volcano, Buaicheileann, whereupon after reaching the peak at 400 metres, the runners faced a quick descent back to the farm. It was to be an exciting and hotly contested race given that last year’s winner was not there to defend his title (off running a 16 mile fell race over the mountains to Glencoe).

32 runners set off in near perfect conditions, a host of club colours and visiting runners disappearing into the hills. The race did not disappoint as for most of the course Iain Cairns and Grant Mackellar pushed ahead, each at some point taking the lead, with Ricky Reid (just coming off the back of a 43 mile ultra) hot on their heels. It literally came to a sprint finish to split these 2 runners with Iain pipping Grant for first place and smashing last year’s record by 3 minutes. In fact both Grant and Ricky got well within the previous years winning time.

The whole race was a huge success and a lot of personal best times were gained, some by as much as 20 minutes! This is a testimony to all the hard work and training the club runners have been putting in over the past year.

Overall Results

Male Senior

1st: Iain Cairns
2nd: Grant Mackellar
3rd: Ricky Reid

Female Senior

1st: Lindsay Moss
2nd: Emerson Laing
3rd: Sabrina Brolly

Male Vet

1st: Roger Stewart
2nd: Scot Hill
3rd: Charlie Collins

Female Vet

1st: Lisa Marshall
2nd: Kirsty Mundell
3rd: Linda Good


1st: Allan Mollins
2nd: (1st Local) Fraser Witherow
3rd: (2nd Local) Nathan Shields
4th: (3rd Local) Mitchell Nairn

1st: (Local Female) Carla Colquhoun
2nd: Millie Alleyne
3rd: (2nd Local Female) Darcy Cameron
4th: (3rd Local Female) Jessica Marshall

Full results can be found here


No rest for busy Dunoon Hill Runners

Dunoon Hill Runners club has, in the first half of the year, been incredibly busy both off road and on road. The club has been competing in races as far afield as Malta and America as well as venturing south of the border and all over Scotland.

Runners have been racing Scottish championship fell races, ultra distance marathons (30 miles +) and road races, from 5K up to 55 miles.

Most recently, the club had a total of 28 runners competing over the past 3 weeks in the Kentmere Horseshoe English Championship fell race, the Fort William marathon, Toward for a Tenner half marathon and the Devil O’ the Highlands 43 mile ultra. Each runner achieved significant goals with personal best times, first time competing and high placings in races.

The success of the club is incredible; it has grown tremendously and now boasts more than 60 members. Its popularity is based firmly on the belief that running is achievable to the majority of people and that they have some of the best running trails around on their doorstep. The club’s philosophy is that enjoyment in running is the most important aspect of the sport and is inclusive to all abilities.

Dunoon Half Marathon - Toward for a Tenner race 2015

Race Report – Fort William Marathon 2015

by Michelle Cameron

To say I was a bit worried about my first ever marathon is an understatement, having been plagued with injuries for the previous 8 weeks which left me feeling completely under trained. I kept telling myself, “You’ll be fine, take your time, don’t push it … as long as I finish, I’ll be happy.”

Michelle's boo-booSo I go for for a final wee tootle the Sunday before the marathon – and I bl***y fall!!! What the hell’s wrong with me?! I must have a death wish! Off I go to another appointment with my now bestie, Elaine at Cowal Physiotherapy, for a pre-run massage (Morven swears by it – good advice I think 🙂 ). Elaine exclaims, “God, I’m feart to touch you” – ha ha. She works her magic, tapes me up and gives me spare tape just in case.

Marathon day arrives and it’s dry 🙂 Running buddy, Linda Good, and I are bunking in the camper. We have a brekky of porridge and a banana and are ready to go 💪

Fresh at the startEveryone’s buzzing, Morven’s like a mother hen clucking around and making sure everyone’s OK. Oohhhh, here we go … OMG Fortwilliam 2015 … 26.2 miles and 300 runners …GO!

The nerves subside as we start running and Jean, Emmerson, Jamie and I ease into the run. There were two Americans just in front of us wearing kilts and three girls wearing orange t-shirts which we follow the whole way. Behind us is a Kiwi (she is doing a run/walk strategy like us) and a Dutch girl (I think she was Dutch).

The route is lovely, very like the east side of Lock Eck in some places. We go off trail on to a housing estate and I know where I am – Spean Bridge, I tell the others as we cross the road and over the bridge then up the hill before turning left back on to forest trail where there are lovely old ruins, of a bridge I think!

Mile 10, and Emmy starts whooping every time we pass a mile maker 😂. Jamie hangs back for a call to nature, just as we turn a corner and pass a family who are cheering and clapping. Of course we all giggle as Jean says something about Jamie getting such a great round of applause. 😝

Mile 12 saw us running uphill towards the Commando Memorial monument. We see and hear the DHR groupies whooping and cheering which is a great boost as I’m starting to feel it, and my shorts are starting to chafe a bit. But Jean’s got Vaseline – pink Vaseline! Oh well, needs must. Don’t think she wants it back!

selfieMile 13 … time for a selfie, and a rare moment – Jamie smiling! To be fair, he’s been in a great mood – no moaning at all, just punching branches for some unknown reason.

We head along the canal and there’s a lot of really nice boats with people on board, all waving as we run past them and, up front of us, the Kiwi again. We’ve played cat and mouse with her for the last 13 miles and, quite frankly, I’m getting fed up with the same banter (“Good luck, you’re doing great, see you at the finish line”). So we pass her again at the end of the never-ending canal.

“Whoop whoop!” Emmy shouts at mile 20. OK, only 6 miles to go as we turn on to road towards the brewery in Fort Bill. I’ve got a blister or two that I’m trying to ignore and I’m running slower than a snail as a car comes round the corner and it’s the family. John has gathered my troops and driven them up. Darcy is shouting her head off and Oscar is jumping up and down shouting, “Mummy, Mummy!” 😊 So that boosts me for a bit longer. But the road is never ending. Jamie asks, “Will we walk for a bit?” … mmmm, where’s the Kiwi, because if I’ve got to pass her again I’m gonna bludgeon her to death with my bottle of water 😁😁😁😁 Best keep moving!

We cross the road, past the brewery and there’s a wee fella in blue lying in the middle of the pavement with Mr and Mrs Kilt helping him. We ask if he’s OK. He has cramp and couldn’t walk it off, so Jean throws her bag of sweets and nuts at him and shouts, “You need salt!” – as we all leap over him 😂😂😂😂

Meanwhile, up front, the three girls in orange spy us and start to run again. Right, let’s take them – which we do. Yeah, we’re on a roll and Mrs Kiwi is nowhere to be seen 😊 Up over the railway bridge and – hallelujah – we’re back on trail. Two to three miles to go – I’ve lost count, I can’t remember – we run past the last water stop and the ambulance driver shouts something which he obviously finds funny. I cant even repeat what Jean said as we run up the hill after Quasimodo, but we cant catch him. He’s a pro and he’s hobbling faster than us. OK, last mile … mile my a**e, it went on for ever! Through the forest we can hear noise – we’re nearly there. Yeah, “Just round the corner!”, is the cry from all of us, then, “OFFS up hill again – they’re having a laugh!”.

Finisher's haulFinal downhill and around the corner, we all hold hands to run to the finish. Wee Darcy and Rowan come running up to run over the finish line with us and we’ve done it – first marathon in the bag! I’m knackered, but have no new injuries except a few blisters. Result!

Roll on Glen Ogle – after all, it’s only an extra 7 miles 😂😂😂😂

Volcano Run 2015

Dunoon Hill Runners is delighted to announce that on 8 August 2015, the second Annual Volcano Run and second Summer Series race will be held, sponsored by J Mundell & Son.

This is approximately a 5k and 10k run. Starting from Toward Farm the run will take you up on to an extinct volcano, Buaicheileann, whereupon after reaching the peak at 400 metres you will quickly descend back to Toward Farm.

Volcano RunThe 5k run for juniors (under 18s) and 10k run for seniors (18-pre-historic) will begin at 1 pm.

All runners are strongly advised to wear suitable trainers for fell running. Marshals will be on the course for your own safety. Further details of race rules will be posted up soon.

Trophies for 1st placed Male Senior, Male Vet, Female Senior, Female Vet and Junior runners. All runners completing the course will put their race number in a bucket and the numbers pulled out will win a prize!

All attending can also expect a BBQ/food. This is aimed at a fun family day out for all involved or keen to be involved with Dunoon Hill Runners. It is a BYOB event, alcoholic or soft drinks permitted.

Cost: DHR adult members running £5 Juniors members £1 
Non adult members running £10 Junior £3
Only attending BBQ Adults £5 Juniors £2
First Burger/Hot Dog included in price and table food. Other burgers priced at £1 members £ 1.50 non members.

Payable on or before 3 August 2015. Payment on the day may be available however there are a limited number of places so, to guarantee your place, early payment is encouraged. Payment can be made by Paypal or cash/cheque payable to Dunoon Hill Runners (email DHR Chairman for details). If anyone is interested in using a coach for transport picking up in Dunoon (possibly Sandbank) and returning in the evening, please let the DHR Chairman know. For a nominal fee this may be possible to be organised.